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au_t131 (10/11)

* NORFOLK ISLAND - 1984: Westpac cheque with 20c Aircraft h/s CHEQUE DUTY

It's per favour of course but it's a correct usage all the same. Excellent condition.

au_t119 (8/08)

A.A.T. - 1959: unaddressed FDC by "Royal" with single 1/- Dog Sled pictorial definitive

Fine condition.

au_t109 (5/08)

CHRISTMAS IS. - 1959: 30c Registered Letter envelope H&G C1 - unused

Fine condition - c.v. in 1984 was US$50.

au_t101 (4/08)

CHRISTMAS IS. - 1972: 53c Registered Letter Envelope H&G C3

VF unused condition - c.v. in 1984 was US$25.

au_t118 (8/08)

CHRISTMAS ISLAND - 1970 (Dec 14th) - scarce unaddressed FDC with 15c and 30c Fish

Very fine condition.

au_t128 (10/09)

COCOS ISLAND - 1954 (April 5th): QEII Visit souvenir cover in fine condition

10c Singapore Coronation issue tied by COCOS ISLAND cds postmark. Cover produced by British firm "Three Arrows", Very scarce item - seen offered elsewhere for £45!

au_t129 (12/09)

NORFOLK ISLAND - 1953: cacheted Coronation Flight cover to London

London arrival m/cancel on reverse. Some v.light peripheral wear o/wise condition is excellent.

au_t124 (9/09)

NORFOLK ISLAND - 1966: 9c Pictorial tied to formular "Territories" a/gramme by f.d.i. postmark

Fine condition.

au_t126 (5/09)

NORFOLK ISLAND - 2001: Foundation Day postal card used to Tasmania

Used for genuine correspondence (i.e. not "philatelic")! Fine condition.