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ie125 (12/09)

* 1946 (Sep 16th) - plain cover FDC with 3p Davitt/Parnell SG 139 - postally used to England

Some minor peripheral wear at right side o/wise condition is VG to excellent.

ie106 (7/08)

1939 - First North Atlantic Clipper Mail cover to USA

Excellent condition for one of these.

ie111 (7/08)

1950 - small airmail cover to USA

3p and 6p Airs make up correct rate for ┬Żoz. Excellent to fine condition.

ie100 (4/08)

1951 - St Patrick's Day souvenir cover to USA

Fine condition - include greeting card and a piece of shamrock!
ie102 (7/08)

1956 - neat airmail cover to USA with 1/3d Air franking

Excellent condition.

ie127 (9/09)

1968 - 6d brown/cream Lettercard Mi K10 - VF unused

Gum on front panel.

ie128 (9/09)

1980 - 44p violet/cream Registered Letter Envelope Mi EU29a - fine mint

Cotton scrim lining.