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yu105 (3/12)

* 1954 - 10D pictorial postal card uprated and used to Germany

Excellent condition and not an easy item to find used.
yo106 (3/12)

* 1959 - Geophysical Year duo on registered express cover to Germany

Nice oval Kassel-Bebra railway post and Kassel b/stamps. Excellent condition.
yu100 (4/08)

1922 - multi-franked Money Order card

Excellent condition.

yu102 (7/08)

1950 - uprated 5d air mail envelope sent by registered mailed to USA

Excellent condition.

yu103 (12/09)

1951 - neat cover to Sweden with seal on back

Fine condition. Seal on reverse may be viewed using the larger image function.

yu101 (4/08)

1952 - 10d & 17d postal cards H&G #143 & 145 - unused

Both cards are in VF condition.

yu_si100 (2/09)

SLOVENIA - 1920: Money order with 20pa on 15v optd Chainbreaker paying the fee - postmarked at Maribor

Horizontal folded (as per usual from filing) o/wise condition is excellent.