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fr_c156 (2/1/2)

* FRANCE · T.A.A.F. - 1981: 8.40Fr ship "Antares" issues on unaddressed FDC

VF condition
fr_c155 (2/12)

* FRANCE · T.A.A.F. - 1984: 9Fr Ship "Gauss" with NORD POSTA tab on FDC with cachet

VF unaddressed condition
fr_c157 (2/12)

* FRANCE · T.A.A.F. - 1987: 16.80Fr Ocean Exploration issue on unaddressed FDC

VF condition.
fr_c160 (1/12)

* MADAGASCAR - 1953: souvenir cover with 3rd Car Rally cachet forwarded by air to Sweden

Opened on 3 sides (commercial mail) o/wise condition is excellent - an attractive cover.
fr_c159 (1/12)

* NEW CALEDONIA - 1957: neat air mail cover to the USA

Fine to very fine condition.
fr_c161 (1/12)

* TUNISIA - 1973: 2 different pictorial aerogrammes finely used to Germany

Click on image to view other sides.
fr_c150 (10/9)

CAMEROUN - 1947: France Libre surcharges on commercial air mail cover to USA

The envelope has been reduced a fraction at the right end when originally opened o/wise condition is excellent.

fr_c152 (10/09)

EQUATORIAL AFRICA - 1940s: overprinted Pictorials on wrapper to USA

Some minor faults but quite presentable - Sc #87, 91 (total c.v. US$7.40)

fr_c149 (10/09)

EQUATORIAL AFRICA - 1953: neat commercial air mail cover to Paris

Excellent condition.

fr_c123 (7/08)

FRENCH POLYNESIA - 1963 (Nov 25th): FFC Papeete to Suva

Carried on return Sydney/Tahiti flight - "FIJI OVERFLOWN" h/stamp on reverse even though envelope has printed Nadi address. Minor "ding" in top edge not as bad as may appear in the scan; catalog value for this flight cover is AU$20.

fr_c153 (9/10)

FRENCH POLYNESIA - 1973: Qantas FFC carried Papeete to Vancouver

A.A.M.C. 1766a - c.v. AU$15. Excellent condition.

fr_c140 (11/08)

SENEGAL - 1932: b&w PPC from Dakar to Germany with single 90c Colonial Expo franking

Some small marks on view side o/wise excellent condition - scarce franking.

fr_c104 (3/08)

SOMALI COAST - 1926: commercial cover to Aden

Excellent condition - arrival postmarks.

fc_c102 (3/08)

TOGO - 1983: commercial airmail cover on Switzerland

Registered - franking pays correct rate. Excellent condition.