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de794 (11/11)

* 1931 - uprated 8pf pictorial postal card forwarded by airmail between Nuremburg and Frankfurt a.m.

Attractive item in very fine condition - appropriate postal markings.

de795 (12/11)

* 1937 - unused 6pf pictorial postal card with Arbeitsdienst marchers view Mi P264-02

Fine condition
de791 (10/11)

* 1942 - 6pf Hitler pictorial postal card in VF unused condition

Hard to find in such nice condition!

de790 (10/11)

* 1942 - 6pf Hitler pictorial postal card in VF unused condition

N.B. the colour of the card is "as issued" ..... there has been no deterioration whatsoever.

de708 (3/09)

1903 - 5pf Germania postal card with delightful souvenir from 14th Deutschen Bundesschiessen, Hannover - unused

Some light discolouration on the message side but unless you plan to display this attractive card for the 5pf indicium, it should be much of a problem as the "money side" is in excellent condition. To view the reverse please use the "more images" button.

de709 (3/09)

1911 - 5pf souvenir postal card for Silver Wedding "des württ. Königspaares" - unused

Some peripheral wear o/wise condition is excellent. To view the reverse please use the "more images" button.

de704 (10/08)

1913 - colour Völkerschlachtdenkmal PPC postally used with special pictorial slogam postmark

Fine condition.

de710 (12/08)

1916: 10+10pf Reply Card Mi P108 - unused

Front panel card is in excellent condition; reply card is in VF condition.

de501 (3/08)

1917 - PoW cover from Mewe to Denmark

Fine condition.

de500 (3/08)

1917 - PoW postal card used to Somme

From PoW Camp at Minden - excellent condition.

de557 (4/08)

1922 (July 18th) - neat uprated postal card from INFLA period

1.50M rate - fine condition.

de775 (12/09)

1923 - Inflation Era real photo PPC used to USA

View: "Titisee - Schwarzwald Hotel". Excellent to fine condition.

de773 (12/09)

1923 - Inflation Period colour PPC use to New York

Excellent condition.

de774 (12/09)

1923: Inflation Period postcard used to Austria

Excellent condition.

de531 (4/08)

1927 - registered cover with single 60pf Stephan franking

Excellent condition.

de657 (7/08)

1929 - complete Parcel Card used from Leipzig to Belgium.

Lower 100pf Numeral has fault, o/wise condition is unusually fine for a Parcel Card.

de739 (1/09)

1935 - 6+4pf Winter Olympics postal card finely used

Some minor faults o/wise condition is excellent.

de673 (8/08)

1936 - attractive "four colour" cover

Light vertical bend barely visible from front.