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bwi112 (4/12)

* BERMUDA - 1937: First Flight Cover to New York per R.M.A. "Cavalier"

NY arrival cancel on back. Condition is excellent to fine.

bwi101 (5/08)

BRITISH GUIANA - 1953: 12c Air Letter H&G FG10 - MINT

Fine folded unused condition. Illustration of Kaieteur Fall on reverse.

bwi110 (2/12)

GRENADINES of ST VINCENT - 1974: attractively franked commercial air mail cover to Germany

bwi106 (12/08)

JAMAICA - 1937: 2½d Coronation used on small commercial cover to the USA

Excellent condition.

bwi103 (4/08)

JAMAICA - 1954: registered commercial airmail cover to G.B.

Attractive KGVI pictorial franking - fine condition.

bwi111 (2/12)

TRINIDAD - 1893: 2d + 2d QV Reply Card H&G #8a finely used to Germany - reply panel still attached

Short message on back and in an unusually fine condition.
bwi109 (12/09)

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO - 1957: 12c Air Letter H&G FG6 in fine, folded unused condition

Three lines of instructions on reverse.