thm103 (4/08)

GERMANY - 1935: music slogan pmk on commercial cover

"The Saar is German!" Fine condition.

thm101 (3/08)

GERMANY (French Zone) - 1947: registered cover with HOHNER pictorial pmks

Postally used registered cover from French Occupied Zone with franking tied by special pictorial for HOHNER (accordion motif). Reads (loose translation) "Known around the world through their harmonicas". Scarce.
thm110 (4/08)

GERMANY (West) - 1956: 14th Deutsches Bundes=Sängerfest souvenir card with special postmark

Fine condition - for closeup of postmark please use the "more images" button.

thm112 (4/08)

GERMANY (West) - 1961: 10pf "Lernt Deutschland kennen!" postal card with picture of marching band

Postally used - fine condition.

thm114 (1/09)

HUNGARY - 1916: Feldpost card with Hughes Telegraph Unit cachet and handstamp

The Hughes Telegraph utilised a piano keyboard thus the "music connection" - information and illustration can be obtained via this link. The card is in excellent condition.