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za120 (1/12)

* 1968 - registered and taxed 5c air letter to the USA - POSTED OUT OF COURSE in excellent condition

Re-directed upon arrival in the USA - range of b/stamps document the journey. Interesting item!
za114 (3/09)

1924 - 6d registered letter envelope H&G C5 used to Munich

Excellent condition - Munich oval arrival datestamp.

za117 (9/09)

1930 - registered commercial cover - East London to Germany

Excellent condition.

za115 (9/09)

1935 - uprated 2d registered letter envelope used to Scotland

Excellent condition.

za111 (5/08)

1936 - Empire Exhibition Johannesburg air mail post card used to Tanganyika

Unusually fine condition for one of these cards - lovely clear impression of exhibition postmark.
za116 (9/09)

1936 - registered commercial cover to USA

Excellent condition - range of b/stamps.

za501 (3/08)

1944 - dual censored commercial cover to USA

Excellent condition.
za102 (4/08)

1947 - commercial airmail cover to G.B. with 1d Christmas Seal

Fine attractive condition.

za113 (12/08)

1968 - commercial cover to TASMANIA at 2nd Class air mail rate

Flap has not been sealed as requirement for special rate. Scarce destination - excellent condition.

za_n100 (9/09)

NATAL - 1901: 1d QV postal card used to Germany

Surprising the card doesn't have a censor handstamp. Excellent condition.

za_t101 (3/09)

TRANSVAAL - 1898: privately overprinted ½d postal card for The Apex Mines Ltd

Used to provide notification re shipments of coal from Brakpan. Tiny corner crease o/wise condition is excellent.

za_t100 (5/08)

TRANSVAAL - 1898: privately overprinted ½d postal card for The Apex Mines Ltd.

Used to notify shipments of coal from Brakpan - excellent condition. To view reverse select the "more images" button.