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es105 (12/09)

* 1871 - commercial folded letter from San Sebastian to Barcelona

Very small piece missing on back where seal removed o/wise condition is fine.

es106 (12/09)

* 1933 - PPC with view of Las Palmas used to Saarbr├╝cken

Endorsed for transmission at printed matter rate - arrival pmk (re-directed). Excellent condition.

es108 (12/09)

* 1939 - attractive postcard used to Germany - Barcelona censor

Excellent to fine condition.

ex107 (12/09)

* 1940 - dual censored real photo PPC to Germany

PPC has view of beach at San Sebastian. Excellent condition.

es_c100 (12/09)

* MOROCCO - 1953 (Mar 15th) : Pictorial Airs on FDC postally used to USA

Fine condition. Rarely seen!

es_c101 (12/09)

* TANGER - 1951: commercial cover to Germany

Excellent to fine condition.

es102 (9/09)

1941 - dual censored PPC sent from Madrid to Stockholm by air mail

Real photo PPC has view of Madrid Post Office and is in fine condition. Spanish and German censor h/stamps + associated "numeral" types. Excellent example of air mail between neutral countries via Germany from the WWII era. Attractive item!