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ru106 (11/11)

* 1890s - 2k wrapper H&G E5 (with inscription over indicium) used to Germany

Intact and in excellent condition. Wrappers to international destinations are quite scarce.

ru102 (11/11)

* 1916 - uprated 3k postal card H&G #21 commercially used to Sweden

Interesting postal markings - fine condition.

ru103 (11/11)

* 1930s - uprated 5k postal card H&G #120

Diagonal crease across LR corner barely visible from the front - excellent condition otherwise.

ru104 (11/11)

* 1938 - commercial cover to Canada with contemporary defintive franking

Excellent, clean condition.

ru101 (9/09)

1935 - registered commercial cover from Kazab to Sweden

Some very light peripheral discolouration as per image but above average all the same for this paper type.