thav104 (8/08)

AUSTRALIA - 1994: Aviation Feats set on Australia Post maximum cards

The cards "double" as postal cards (valid for use to anywhere in the world) and are also collectable as postal stationery. VF condition.

thav105 (11/08)

NEW ZEALAND - 1964: Flight Anniversary cover flown Timaru to Christchurch - special postmark

VF condition - ChCh arrival pmk on reverse.

thav100 (7/08)

U.K. - 1969: 1st Transatlantic Flight by Curtiss Seaplane Anniversary cover

Uses "recycled" Alcock and Brown "British Achievements" cacheted envelope produced by A.M. Stuart. Fine condition - attractive cover.

thav101 (7/08)

WEST BERLIN - 1953: 50th Anniversary of Powered Flight commem cachet on 15pf Tempelhof postal card Mi P16

Finely used - scarce item.