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* BAVARIA - 1897: uprated lettercard Mi K1 in fine condition commercially used to Sweden

A most attractive and unusally 'intact' example.

de_s122a (11/11)

* BAVARIA - 1908: uprated lettercard Mi K3(08) commercially used to Denmark

Intact and in fine condition - a very attractive example.

de_ppc130 (10/11)

* BAVARIA - 1914: attractive unused Red Cross New Year postcard

Fine condition.

de_s111 (3/09)

BAVARIA - 1903: 5pf souvenir postal card from the 10th Deutsches Turnfest at Nürnberg - unused

Some faults on message side but the "money" side looks great. To view reverse please use the "more images" button.

de_s114 (3/09)

BAVARIA - 1903: souvenir 5pf postal card for centenary of 9th Bavarian Infantry - used

Postally used (appropriately) fron Würzburg. Excellent condition - to view the reverse please use the "more images" button.

de_s101 (5/08)

BAVARIA - 1906: 5pf Jubilee Exhibition PTPO postal card Mi PP15 - used

Barely visible fingerprint on right edge o/wise VF condition - to see reverse use the more images button.

de_s107 (12/08)

BAVARIA - 1906: uprated 2pf Jubilee Exhibition PTPO postal card used to Hannover

Excellent condition - to view other side please use the "more images" button.

de_s106 (12/08)

BAVARIA - 1908: 5pf official Munich Exhibition PTPO postal card in VF unused condition

View side (portrait "Feldherrn Rindsmaul") appears to have been printed by photographic process.

de_s108 (12/08)

BAVARIA - 1912 (Dec 12th): souvenir colour PPC commemorating death of Prince Regent Luitpold on this day- postmarked 12/12/12 at 12 noon!

Some  minor edge wear o/wise condition is excellent.

de_s110 (12/08)

BAVARIA - 1912: 5pf Munich Trade and Industry Show postal card Mi P92

Excellent unused condition.

de_s109 (12/08)

BAVARIA - 1912: used COD postcard - coupon removed

Excellent condition.

de_s117 (12/08)

BAVARIA - 1919: 10pf Arms postal card optd Freistaat uprated with "Volkstaat" optd 5pf stamp

Commercial usage - fine condition.

se_s119 (12/08)

BERLIN LOCAL POST - 1901: neatly used 2pf Packetfahrtkarte

Fine condition.

de_s118 (12/08)

BERLIN LOCAL POST - nicely used Packetfahrtkarte

Very tiny tear in right end o/wise condition is fine. Nice example.

de_s104 (10/08)

BOCHUM LOCAL POST - 1890s: 2pf wrapper in fine unused condition

de_s121 (9/09)

BRESLAU LOCAL POST - 1890s: 1½pf Hansa Local Post lettercard with 4 advertisements - unused

Some light peripheral discolouration and a piece of corner selvedge has been "secured" with a hinge o/wise condition is excellent for one of these scarce advertising lettercards. Four different advertisements include those for a hat maker, women's clothing and shoes. To view the inner panels, please view the enlarged image.

de_s115 (3/09)

HAMBURG LOCAL POST - 1887: used 2pf "Hammonia" postal card

Corner faults as per image. Light but clear rectangular datestamp.

de_s122 (12/09)

WÜRTTEMBERG - 1916: used Red Cross Charity pictorial postal card Mi P103 - used

A scarce card in an unusually fine condition.