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de_ao114 (2/09)

* ALLIED ZONES - 1947: 84pf Numeral on registered cover to Hofheim

Exellent condition.

de_ao115 (2/09)

* AMERICAN & BRITISH ZONE - 1950: 10+5pf "Helft Berlin!" on stsamp dealer postcard

Some hinge remnants on reverse o/wise condition is excellent; c.v. €48 (2003)

de_ao118 (2/09)

* BRITISH & AMERICAN ZONE - 1948: registered cover franked with Mi 39II and Mi 67II

Excellent to fine condition - c.v. of 75pf on cover with mixed franking = €45 (2003)

de_ao113 (2/09)

* FRENCH ZONE - 1946: recycled envelope originally from Reichsbank, Königsberg Pr.

Swastika on meter impression neatly disguised with 24pf Arms definitive. Excellent condition.

de_ao103 (10/08)

ALLIED ZONES - 1947: censored cover to USA

Excellent clean condition.

de_b109 (1/09)

ALLIED ZONES - 1947: telegram with DEUTSCHE POST seal

Interesting that although the form was printed in 1947, it was still headed "Deutsche Reichspost"! Seal has been thinned when the telgram was originally opened. Excellent condition.

de_ao101 (9/08)

ALLIED ZONES - 1948 (July 7th): neat "Currency Reform" commercial cover

Fine condition.

de_ao106 (12/08)

ALLIED ZONES - 1950: uprated 8pf postal card Mi P1 with 2pf Berin Obligatory Tax stamp

Very good to excellent condition.

de_ao110 (1/09)

BADEN - 1948: neat cover to Koblenz

Fine condition.