ARCHITECTURE - including Bridges, Lighthouses, Windmills, etc

thar101 (7/08)

GERMANY - 1947: souvenir card with pictorial postmark

Design in postmark is the part of the Hartingfels Castle situated in the town. For information about Torgau please use this link.

thar103 (12/09)

NEW ZEALAND - 1975: 3c Lighthouse on Govt Life Insurance cover

With a lighthouse on the cover!

thar100 (7/08)

WURTTEMBERG - 1947 Lighthouse at Lindau Harbour (Bavaria)

Postacard with Stamp Exhibition cachet and "Lindauer-Herbstwoche" pictorial postmark. Excellent condition.

thar104 (12/09)

GERMANY - 1935: 6pf H'burg postal card with view of a 16th century crane at Andernach am Rhein

Fine to very fine condition.

thar105 (12/09)

ICELAND - 1978: Exhibition cover with lighthouse motif on postmark and cachet

thar106 (12/09)

AUSTRALIA - 1968: souvenir cover for opening of the Batman Bridge in Tasmania

Note the two different postal codes on the datestamp - most unusual. Fine unaddressed condition.