de_b101 (7/08)

1949 - 10pf Bundestag Opening postal card Mi PSo1 with special pmk from Wuppertal-Elberfeld

AFO (Development and Progress) exhibition postmark. The card is in fine condition.

de_b100 (7/08)

1950 - 60pf Air Letter Mi LF4 used to Cuba!

Havana arrival postmark on reverse. Minor corner crease at LL, o/wise condtion is fine. This must be a very scarce "destination item" for the period. 2006 c.v. for a used entire was €40.

de_b105 (7/08)

1950 - attractive commercial airmail cover to Sweden with "better" franking

Excellent condition.

de_b103 (7/08)

1952 - recycled 5pf Numeral postal card commercially used with 5pf Da Vinci commem franking

Fine condition.

de_b102 (7/08)

1953 - neat commercially used postcard with better franking

Fine condition.

de_b104 (7/08)

1955 - neat cover to Switzerland with "better" franking

Excellent condition.

de_b106 (8/08)

1955 (April 1st) - Lufthansa FFC Köln/Bonn to München

Excellent clean condition - 15pf value scarce on cover ... even FFC's.

de_b107 (8/08)

1955 (May 17th) - Lufthansa FFC Hamburg/Paris.

Excellent clean condition .... 20pf value scarce "on cover" .... even FFC's.

de_b108 (8/08)

1955 (Oct 2nd) - Lufthansa FFC Köln/Bonn to Lisbon

Fine condition - 20pf value scarce "on cover" even FFC's.