Covers from N.W.Pacific Islands, New Guinea and Papua may be found (when available) at the end of this category.

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pg172 (10/11)

* 1953 - 10d Air Letter H&G FG1 postally used from Port Moresby to South Africa - fine condition

Apparently no message inside so must be a philatelic use ... never mind, it's travelled the miles and any used examples of the first PNG air letter are hard to find, especially in such a nice condition as this.

pg179 (10/11)

* 1953 - Coronation Day Air Mail Flight air letter to London

Fine condition - 'mark' on LR bottom edge is printing inside the air letter.

pg180 (11/11)

* 1958 - small domestic air mail cover sent from BULOLO to YULE ISLAND

The stamp has a small tear in the UL corner however the overall appearance is excellent, the usage (or similar) not often seen.

pg173 (10/11)

* 1960 - commercial air mail cover to USA with mixed definitive franking making up the correct 2/- rate

A couple of short tears in top edge and there is a small tape stain on the flap however the appearance from the "money side" is still excellent. Unusual but "correct" franking!

pg171 (10/11)

* 1960/61: two small commercial covers to Goroka with 5d franking in excellent condition

Two small commercial covers to Goroka with 5d franking in excellent condition - 5d on 4d surcharge and 5d Cacao. Both covers have been reduced a tiny amount at one end when opened. Inland covers from this period are hard to find as most stamps were ripped from the envelopes and placed in the "Mission Box" at the local church or suchlike.

pg170 (10/11)

* 1961: cover from Daru to Yule Island with single 5d Legislative Council franking

Flap missing - very fine appearance. This franking is very hard to find on commercial cover - with flap or without!!

pg178 (10/11)

* 1965 - 4d Canoe Prow on small cover to New Zealand

Excellent condition.

pg175 (10/11)

* 1969 - 5c+5c Folklore on air mail cover to New Zealand - seldom seen 'on cover'

Excellent condition.

pg174 (10/11)

* 1971 - small commercial cover sent from Kerema to Yule Island (Papua)

Fine condition with the 7c 4th S.P. Games franking not at all easy to fine "on cover".

pg176 (10/11)

* 1979 (circa) - commercial airmail cover to U,K, with contemporary pictorial franking

Fine condition.

pg177 (10/11)

* PAPUA - 1939: commercial cover to USA in fine condition

Attractive cover.

pg130 (8/08)

1952 - P&T FDC postally used to Brisbane with 3½d and 6½d pictorial definitives

Fine condition.

pg169 (8/10)

1952 - printed matter rate cover to USA from KAIRUKU

Two clear fully-framed cds impressions. FIne condition.

pg164 (12/09)

1953 - cacheted Coronation Flight cover to London

Excellent clean condition. A little scarcer than most of the British Commonwealth covers carried on this flight.

pg137 (5/09)

1955 - small inland commercial cover from Poppondetta to Port Moresby

Tiny part of flap missing o/wise condition is excellent. Local commercial covers from the 1950s are surprisingly scarce.

pg148 (9/09)

1957 - uprated 1/0½d registered letter envelope H&G C3 used to Australia via air mail

Some blemishes as per scan but rarely seen and quite exhibitable (this item actually came from a Gold Medal winning exhibit of postal stationery from Australian Territories !)

pg166 (1/10)

1961 - non-philatelic use of 10d aerogramme to USA - H&G FG3

Excellent to fine condition.

pg165 (1/10)

1961 - non-philatelic use of 10d aerogramme to USA - H&G FG3

Fine condition.