thfp103 (10/08)

G.B. - 1965 (Jan 24th): Death of Sir Winston Churchill commemorative cover

Privately overprinted on 3d QEII p/stationery envelope and postmarked on the day of his death .... must have been hard work on a Sunday!

thfp102 (10/08)

G.B. - 1965 (Jan 30th): Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill commemorative postal card

Privately overprinted on a 2½d QEII postal card - portrait on message side (to view use the "more images" button). Fine condition.

thfp100 (7/08)

INDIA - 1951: 9Ps Mahatma Gandhi postal card H&G #65a

FIne unused condition.

thfp104 (1/09)

USA - 1946: 3c PSE with corner card for ROBERT E. LEE MEMORAIL FOUNDATION

Postally used - excellent condition.