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no125 (10/11)

* 1953 - attractive souvenir card for Oslo-Thule-Tokyo-Karachi-Copenhagen-Oslo arounf the world flight


Attractive item in fine condition.

no109 (12/08)

1891 - 5ore postal card H&G #39 in fine unused condition

Very hard to find this clean nowadays; c.v. in 1984 was US$6.25.

no123 (11/10)

1942 - censored registered FDC to Sweden with complete Nordraak Centenary set Mi 267/70

FIne condition - rate overpaid of course. Attractive cover.

no117 (8/09)

1942 (Oct 12th) - Quisling duo registered FDC to Sweden - censored

Veru fine condition - attractive!

no107 (10/08)

1946 - uprated 15ore postal card forwarded by airmail to Czechoslovakia

Excellent to fine condition.

no110 (8/09)

1954 - SAS FFC Oslo / Kobenhavn / Greenland / Los Angeles

Fine condition; Los Angeles arrival m/cancel on reverse.

no106 (7/08)

1955 - neat COD cover

Fine condition - correct rate for inland postage and fee for COD service.

no115 (8/09)

1964 - domestic FF by SAS from Oslo to Tromso

Fine condition wih arrival b/stamp.

no119 (8/09)

1965 - airmail cover to the USA

Crease at UL only affects front panel of the envelope and could be easily pressed out.

no113 (8/09)

1967 (Nov 4th) - SAS FFC fro Oslo to Singapore

Fine condition with "SAS Trans-Asian Express" vignette affixed in LL corner. Singapore arrival b/stamp.

no121 (9/09)

1968 (Jan 31st) - first DC-8 Flight Oslo/Dar Es Salaam - souvenir card

Fine condition.

no120 (9/09)

1968 (June 8th) - first DC-9 Flight Stavanger/London - souvenir card

Fine condition.

no114 (8/09)

1969 - souvenir card fro first flight by SAS from Oslo to Trinidad

Fine condition; Port-of-Spain arrival b/stamp.

no122 (9/09)

1969 (Nov 1st) - Inaugural Flight Oslo/West Indies - souvenir card

Some very minor corner wear o/wise condition is fine.