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bat144 (1/10)

B.A.T. [GRAHAM LAND] - 1976: attractive cover sent from Rothera Point to Germany

Various cachets/handstamps. Fine condition.

bat131 (12/09)

B.A.T. [SOUTH ORKNEYS] - 1971: small cover with pre-decimal pictorial definitive franking to Germany.

Fine condition.

bat142 (1/10)

B.A.T. [SOUTH ORKNEYS] - 1979: attractively franked cover sent from Signy Island to Germany

Fine condition.

bat130 (12/09)

B.A.T. [SOUTH ORKNEYS] - 1979: cover to Germany with Signy Base and HMS Endurance cachets

Fine condition.

bat135 (12/09)

B.A.T. [SOUTH ORKNEYS] - 1985: neat cover to Germany with SIGNY BASE H cachet

bat134 (12/09)

B.A.T. [SOUTH ORKNEYS] - 1985: RRS Bransfield ship's cachet on cover to Germany

bat136 (12/09)

B.A.T. [SOUTH ORKNEYS] - 1988: cover to Germany with HMS Endurance and Signy Island cachet + datestamp

Fine condition. Note "HMS ENDURANCE 1987-89 : FIRST ANTARCTIC PATROL AFTER REFIT" cachet.