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au131 (10/11)

* 1946: Mitchell Centenary cover postally used to the USA

Appropriate 5d Merino franking - excellent condition.

au110 (11/11)

1938 - souvenir from Australian Sesquicentenary Philatelic Exhibition with vignette on reverse

First day of use (-4AP38) of APM451 with exhibition vignette used as seal on flap; c.v. AU$75 ... to view use the larger image facility and choose '2'. Fine condition.

au1016 (9/10)

1962 - small cover with Melbourne Colombo Plan Conference special cancel

Cancelled on first day of conference; APM1670 c.v. = AU$30

au1017 (9/10)

1964 - small cover with CEBS Golden Jubilee specail cancel

Postmarked on the first day of use; APM1830 - c.v. = AU$25.

au854 (10/09)

1966 (Oct 24th) - WAPEX II Opening Day cover with special postmark postally used by air mail to USA

5x 4c Hartog make up correct rate of 20c. Pictorial postmark applied very lightly in red - "first day of exhibition" covers have a c.v. of $75.