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ch141 (11/11)

* 1943 - commercial air mail cover to Sweden with chemical censor mark

Also German OkW seal at left end.Some minor faults (torn back panel) however the overall appearance and condition is excellent.

ch117 (7/08)

1903 - Nachnahme (C.O.D.) card with 12c Helvetia Mi 99 paying collection fee

Used at Bern - lovely "usage" item in excellent condition.

ch121 (7/08)

1911 - "Militärsache" cover from BATAILLION No.68 FELDPOST to Brigadier

Marked "Persönlich" (personal) - Bern arrival backstamp. Some very minor peripheral fault - in o/wise excellent condition.

ch132 (5/09)

1913 - Nachnahme (COD) invoice for "Vaterland" - nicely used

Fine condition.

ch134 (5/09)

1915 - neat uprated wrapper with 1c on 2c Tell's Son Mi 124 defin

Excellent clean condition.
ch135 (5/09)

1916 - Einzugsmandat envelope used for collection of debts and fees - fine condition

Attractive item. To view the reverse please use the "more images" button.

ch102 (4/08)

1916 - uprated postal card to Austrian Silesia - censored

Note Swiss T.P.O. pmks. Clear Austrian censor h/stamp applied at Feldkirch - excellent condition.

ch108 (5/08)

1921 - 20c Pro Juventute on small mourning cover

Name of addressee smudged a little but condition is o/wise excellent.

ch133 (5/09)

1921 - postcard invoice for the "Entlebucher" - UNPAID

Excellent clean condition.

ch113 (7/08)

1922 - souvenir card with vignette and special pmks from stamp exhibition

International Exhibition was held at Geneva in 1922, the 30th anniversary of the Geneva Philatelic Society. Excellent condition.

ch131 (5/09)

1923 - postcard invoice for the "Entlebucher" - REFUSED

Excellent clean condition.

ch130 (5/09)

1924 - postcard invoice for the "Entlebucher" - UNPAID

Tri-lingual label affixed - excellent clean condition.

ch129 (5/09)

1925 - invoice postcard from "Luzerner Landzeitung" - refused!

Endorsed "Retour" with appropriate tri-lingual label attached. Excellent condition.

ch122 (10/08)

1930 - inwards postal card from Germany with 20c p/due

Fine condition.

ch127 (2/09)

1930s - Field Post cover with h/stamp in Italian

Excellent condition.

ch107 (5/08)

1932 - attractive commercial cover bearing single 10c Disarmament Conference Mi 251

Not easy to find on a genuine commercially used cover.

ch101 (4/08)

1941 - uprated 10c postal card used to Germany - OkW censor h/stamp

Nice impression of inwards censor h/stamp.

ch137 (9/09)

1944 - real photo PPC sent by air mail from Basel to Stockholm - note CHEMICAL CENSOR marks

The PPC has a view of Basel and has been censored using a chemical solutution - in fine condition. Dating from July 30th 1944, this is quite a late example of civilian air mail from neutral country to neutral country via Germany during WWII.