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dk110 (5/09)

* 1875 - 4ore and 8ore Official postal cards H&G D3a/4a - unused

Both cards have the "broken border UL corner" printing variety. The 4ore value has some small clean adhesions of the reverse from previous mounting o/wise condition is excellent to fine.

dk111 (5/09)

* 1875 - 4ore Official postal card H&G D3 - unused

Fine condition.

dk106 (8/08)

1931 - 4ore Wrapper - finely used

Rather nice condition for a used wrapper!

dk109 (1/09)

1934: Christmas PPC with Anti-TB Charity seal - used to Sweden

Excellent clean condition.

dk104 (7/08)

1936 - commercial airmail cover to Germany

Reduced a tiny bit across the top when opened but this does not detract from what is quite an attractive advertising cover.

dk105 (7/08)

1938 - airmail cover to USA with special postmarks

Landbrugsudstillingen Kobenhavn 1938. Re-directed to Danish address - excellent condition.

dk101 (4/08)

1940 - commercial cover to Germany - censored

Inwards OkW seal on reverse (view using "more images" button) - fine condition.

dk103 (4/08)

1946 - uprated 10 ore postal card used to American Zone in Germany

Danish civil censor h/stamp - excellent condition.

dk102 (4/08)

1946 - uprated 15 ore postal card used to British Zone in Germany

Clear Danish civil censor h/stamp - fine condition.

dk108 (1/09)

1964/69 - three Chirstmas Greeting PPCs with Xmas seals

All in excellent to fine condition.