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nl_i111 (11/11)

* NETHERLANDS INDIES - 1925: commercially used surcharged postal card H&G #34

Fine condition.

nl_i110 (11/11)

* NETHERLANDS INDIES - 1932: attractively franked air mail cover to Amsterdam

Slit open a little roughly at top but this doesn't detract. Intact and an attractive little cover.

nl_i112 (11/11)

* NETHERLANDS INDIES - 1936: 5c postal card H&G #58 used to The Netherlands

Excellent condition.

nl_i113 (11/11)

* NETHERLANDS INDIES (Japanese Occupation) - 1940s: 3½c 'Dai Nippon' postal card H&G #74 - unused

Slight vertical creasing barely noticeable from the front (or back for that matter) - c.v. in 1981 was US$17.50!

nl_i104 (4/08)

NETHERLANDS INDIES - 1877: privately o/printed 5c Postal card H7G 1a - used

Locally used at Batavia with privately o/printed address - fine condition.

nl_i105 (4/08)

NETHERLANDS INDIES - 1894: 7½c postal card H&G #11 used to France

Excellent condition.

nl_i102 (4/08)

NETHERLANDS INDIES - 1897: 5c postal card used at Weltevreden

Excellent condition for locally used card.

nl_i101 (4/08)

NETHERLANDS INDIES - 1913: uprated 10c envelope commercially used to Amsterdam

Small surface fault caused by being in contact with a wax seal on another envelope, o/wise condition is excellent.

nl_i106 (12/08)

NETHERLANDS INDIES - 1931: neat registered air mail cover to Amsterdam from Semerang

Batavia transit postmark. Excellent to fine condition.

nl_i107 (12/08)

NETHERLANDS INDIES - 1932: neat commercial air mail cover to Amsterdam

Batavia transit backstamp. Fine condition.

nl106 (5/08)

NEW GUINEA - 1958 (Oct 5th): inwards FFC via Polar Route Amsterdam / Biak

Arrival b/stamp dated December 8th. Excellent condition.

nl_c102 (5/09)

SURINAME - 1936: registered commercial cover to Germany

German currency control seal on reverse - fine condition.